Inspired by The Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter Brandon Riley embark on a solo project by releasing his first single titled “Marco Polo.”

Brandon Riley is an example of a musician with a lot of experience who knows what he is doing. Over the years, he participated in different projects and played in different groups, then reaching the musical maturity and the self-assurance that pushed him to release his first solo project.

In fact, Brandon has been busy improving an array of different musical skills, from his ability to play the piano and the guitar to his songwriting style.

In order to start his solo career in a memorable way, Brandon Riley has chosen a nonconformist inspiration: the “Roaring Twenties,” the decade that still makes us dream with all its curiosities and contradictions.

Marco Polo is a perfect debut single. Catchy and fresh, pop and indie is the kind of song that is perfect for listening to for a moment of relaxation, when we need some calm and energy at the same time, maybe after a long day at work.

The song is characterized by an energetic liveliness, with a full sound and vocal effects that create a musical density that is rough at first blush but refined and suffused on the contours.

It is the right atmosphere for this track, which takes the popular game of Marco Polo and uses it to talk about the difficulties that we sometimes have in our life when we struggle to keep a tab, both on others as on ourselves.

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