Following the previous ‘Shadow of the Past’, rock band Brando Bogart returns to the spotlight with a new EP titled ‘What’s the Point?’

Originally formed in the ’80s, after they signed with a label life and all its pressures put everything on hold for the band Brando Bogart. Fast forward to nowadays: Gordon Brenson, Jim Boyle, Kelly Kristjanson, Tommy Pa and Darrell West have decided to bring to light the healthy and good roots of pure and vibrant rock, outfitted under the name Brando Bogart.

We had the pleasure of previewing their upcoming four-tracks EP, scheduled for official release on August 1, 2020, and composed of songs genuinely permeated by classic vibrations. At a very first listening unconditionally recalling to our mind the sound of Tom Petty closer to the ’80s, we have found difficult to choose a favorite song among these, since each track brings to the table a meaningful slice of the band’s stylistic unicum.

Above all, the work by Brando Bogart makes itself appreciated for the personal touch with which they modernized in a contemporary key all of their musical heritage and their performance sensibility. The never exaggerated vibrancy, always sincere and at the same time full-bodied, is just one of the elements that make this release a very enjoyable cultural and musical crossover, capable of winning you over at every listening.

Of course, here Brando Bogart are not reinventing the wheel. But, in all honesty, they don’t need to, thanks also to the caliber of their performances, that denote a wide experience gained in the field and over the time.

All this richness and propriety of language, not only verbal but also musical, is something reflected also in the quality and care given to production. Giving space and breath to a songwriting and a rock sound where everything seems simple, Brando Bogart draws from a treasure throve of style, sensitivity, and confidence; something that less and less people can boast today.

A fortune from yesterday that is a plus for tomorrow.

Brando Bogart upcoming EP ‘What’s the Point?’ will be available for streaming on all the major digital platforms on Augusts 1st 2020.

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Brando Bogart // What's the Point - single cover
Brando Bogart // What's the Point - single cover