Boulevarde & Little Green // Take Your Time - single artwork

Following their debut single 'I Needed You' ft. Nick de la Hoyde, their second release 'Plans' ft. Aeora, and their third independently released single 'Lover', Boulevarde returns with a new collaboration, teaming up with the talented singer Little Green.

Carrying a message that flows from one of the darkest and deeply emotional corners of the human soul, ‘Take Your Time’ is a song about loss and learning to say goodbye, a theme that came from Jordan, one of the two members of Boulevarde, who was facing the loss of a good friend who had committed suicide.

In a sound scenario that seems to suspend the passage of time, despite the apparently gloomy theme of mental health, ‘Take Your Time’ is a touching composition, guided in a splendid way by Little Green’s genuine and passionate performance.


With a touch of roughness and exquisitely intimate, Little Green’s voice is a shining concentrate of sensations, bitterness, and yearning, which reside in a latent sense of emptiness, left by the premature, unfathomable loss of a loved one, like in the case of a suicide.

It is precisely from the sum of the musical and sound elements of ‘Take Your Time’ that the full force of its true hidden message arrives, one that can make us understand how can find meaning even through a difficult moment we’re living, and know that we are not alone.

There is a genuineness in the musical delivery of ‘Take Your Time’ which is exquisitely penetrating, beautiful as well as painful, refined in the genius touch of keeping Little Green’s voice so dynamically scratchy and velvety.

It’s a unique recipe, made of very particular ingredients that in their combination create something truly special and unmissable.

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