Detroit hip-hop rap artist Bougie Barbie recently released their EP titled ‘Freaky Friday’, a collection of 8 tracks with which they bring to fans all their scratchy punch, driven by bouncy flow and thick rhythms.

“I have been doing music since the ripe age of 5 and been around music since I could even remember, especially on my dad’s side everyone is talented artistically. One of the reasons I’m so passionate about my music and making myself into something, is because I know deep in my heart God sent me here to heal, entertain, and help everyone who I cross paths with.” This is emerging artist Bougie Barbie’s own introduction to the masses, talking about their background and musical delivery.

Breakneck fast rhymes, exciting beats, an energetic and dynamic sound for a production that also calls in elements of pop and R&B: these are the key ingredients that allow Bougie Barbie to stand out with their ‘Freaky Friday’, in a hip-hop scene where far too many artists invoke the names of rap and R&B just to fill their mouths.

Listen now to ‘Freaky Friday’, the 8-tracks EP from Bougie Barbie, and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

Bougie Barbie // Freaky Friday - EP cover
Bougie Barbie // Freaky Friday - EP cover
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