Recorded whilst the band was stuck in lockdown in South Africa due to COVID-19, this sad song with a sing-along and energetic feel is introduced by a short preview video available on Instagram: a humorous representation using a hose pipe and a garage door!

“Whilst our previous single Glowing in Gold was more of an experimentation with using different sounds, we only used four instruments as creatively as possible with In Her Feels!” says drummer and co-producer Simon Orrey, who, combining once again his creativity with that of Andreas Potgieter, gives us a story about a girl who is “drowning”.

“In Her Feels is about a friend of ours,” says Andreas, the bands lead singer and guitarist. “It was something that really resonated with us and well, hit us right in the feels.” Here, probing how the opinions of others can have a devastating effect on your mental health, they focus on what everyone else thinks and says about them, causing them to pretend to be someone they are not to the point where you wouldn’t even recognize who they were before.

‘In Her Feels’ is out on May 22nd, 2020, available for streaming on all the major streaming platforms. Find your preferred one at

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Boston Light Band // In Her Feels - single cover
Boston Light Band // In Her Feels - single cover

The artwork depicts something beautiful being swallowed by the white noise – and so does the song, that is a tragically true story about someone who caved under the pressure of needing to keep up their self-fabricated identity.