The Boston Light Band is a duo formed by the guitar and solo voice of Andreas Potgieter, and Simon Orrey on drums and backing vocals. Already known for their high energy performances, jam rhythms, captivating songs and party attitude, this talented duo is not new to devote themselves to more poetic parentheses.

Very different from the band’s previous single ‘A Beautiful South’, the new Boston Light Band song has a sentimental and profound theme that carries throughout the whole piece. ‘Glowing in Gold’ is based on real life events and tells the story of two people involved in a toxic relationship: one person is unable to leave, the other unable to let go.

‘Glowing in Gold’ is already available on all streaming platforms, click on the link [ here ] to listen to it!

With this new, completely self-produced song, Simon and Andreas have dedicated themselves to an exploratory work that has gracefully and smartly led them to create new sounds and ideas. The first act of a journey that will see the Boston Light Bands busy releasing new music throughout the year, ‘Glowing in Gold’ is a listening experience immersed in a reflective atmosphere, enveloped by a sort of fog that blurs faint points of golden light.

Developed on a musical carpet with a delicate touch of guitars, piano, and percussive elements, the song presents a refined aesthetic, setting up a narration that sounds like the perfect underlining of the meaning of the lyrics, that sense of regret, and the inability of the protagonists of the song to carry on their stories on divergent paths.

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