Born Just Right is a producer and singer who is giving his contribution to build a new fanbase for Baltimore artistry and to make it known across the world.

Playing on stages along the East Coast and performing on shows like SXSW & Artscape, BJR and his creative collective Soul Tribe are truly making a name for themselves.

The latest from BJR is the project ‘City Boy Living’, an album of “imperfectly amazing elements” made of catchy and compelling beats.

Born Just Right - photo

Through ‘City Boy Living’, composed by a string of 35 tracks, BJR brings to us an incredible roundup of rap, hip-hop, trap and lo-fi tunes, thanks to which he showcases his flexible creativity with some added flair by protégé Ryan Leslie, offering a different pace and energy throughout the entire selection.

The fruit of the many years BJR has spent in Baltimore through his career, ‘City Boy Living’ is a love letter of sorts with which the singer-producer pays tribute to his beloved city, to its inner struggles, opportunities, relative and creative differences, giving to the entire city a soundtrack to live and to learn by.

BJR // City Boy Living - album artwork

Listen now to BornJust Right’s latest project ‘City Boy Living’, available for streaming on Spotify.

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