Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bobbo Byrnes continues to successfully explore the roots of alt-country with the song “Mrs. What’s His Name”, from his recent album “The Red Wheelbarrow.”

With genuine deliveries, Bobbo Byrnes shares optimism and his faith in chance through songs that make you vibrate, offering to us another example of his artistic creativity, which stands out for its combination of simplicity and charm.

Far from being banal and obvious, this number captures you from the first moment, thanks to a few cleverly-arranged elements. Guitar and organs oscillate pleasantly on a constant rhythm in four quarters, with lyrics that go straight to the heart of the listener, thanks to an honest and permeating narration.

With veiled pop and rock style influences, in this music there is much more than a classic country-folk piece. Here, Byrnes is not reinventing the wheel. He doesn’t need to. Rather, he is giving a beautiful polish to a well-known musical model, here graced by a slightly retro flavor. And he manages to do it so well that it shines with a new light.

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Listen now to “Mrs. What’s His Name” from Bobbo Byrnes’ latest album “The Red Wheelbarrow”, available on YouTube [ here ] and on The Fallen Stars [ here ].

Bobbo Byrnes // "The Red Wheelbarrow" - artwork
Bobbo Byrnes // "The Red Wheelbarrow" - artwork
.: Nova Music blog // November 2019