Bob Varo is a talented independent music producer, record mixer, mastering engineer and musician, who graduated in 2017 at the Abbey Road Institute of Amsterdam, where he got advanced training in music production and sound engineering. Right after that, he further developed his skills and gained increasing experience working in many other recording studios around the world, including DAFT Studios.

Varo has been playing the acoustic and electric guitar for almost 15 years now, and has put his signature on many projects, including works with artists such as Hellyeah, Sigala, Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch) and Madeline Rosene.

Inspired by many music genres, such as rock, pop, hip hop and metal, currently Varo is spending every single day making records with and for artists at his own studio, VARO Productions, in Belgium.

Bob is also focusing on writing and producing his own music, for which he collaborates with artists from all over the world, releasing compelling numbers with his Bob Varo solo project.

The latest fruit of Varo’s prolific creativity is the powerful hard rock number ‘Your Last Breath’, a song about revenge that can restore your strength and confidence back, even after something or someone sucked all the life out of you. A relatable song you can listen to when you’re not feeling at your best, ‘Your Last Breath’ sounds vibrant and vehement, a true boost to your willpower that will empower you to face whatever life is throwing at you.

This “slay your demons” anthemic song is a perfect quartet of unprecedented power, resulting from the eruptive musical symbiosis of guitar, bass, drums and the overwhelming vocal performance of the Italian singer-songwriter Violetta Collaco. An unmissable must, not only for lovers of hard rock.

Bob Varo’s single ‘Your Last Breath’, featuring Violetta Collaco, is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one at

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