Icon par excellence of American self-produced music. This is how Blue Flame Mega, an artist involved and immersed in urban street life who has seen his popularity grow every day more, presents himself.

But Mega is not an artist dedicated only to gaining success and fame. In fact, he has also opened one of the major independent record companies in Los Angeles, offering the opportunity to publish music to young Afro-American artists who otherwise would never have had that chance.

Singles like “My Ambition” give us the tone of Blue Flame’s power, characterized by an impact capable of generating a reverberation that spreads everywhere.

Mega’s personal story reveals his unexpected connection with modern organized crime, law enforcement and popular culture. From movies and rap music to everyday life in Long Beach: this is how he rebuilds a gangsta mix of trap and rap music, coining a very personal “g-trap” style.

Blue Flame Mega // "Secure The Bag" - cover
Blue Flame Mega // “Secure The Bag” – cover

To enter the “g-trap” world of Blue Flame Mega, watch the video for “Secure The Bag“, featuring Big2DaBoy & Jonny Cash, and follow him on Facebook [ here ], Twitter [ here ] and Instagram [ here ].