Bloom Phase has been making music for over ten years, playing techno on his keyboard and Kaoss pad, in dive bars all around Phoenix, Arizona, at local music festivals, clubs, DIY art spaces, and house parties. He is also hosting a weekly electronic music night in Tempe, AZ.

There is no doubt, all this has allowed him to see the Arizona music scene from every possible angle, providing him the opportunity to refine an impeccable sensitivity in getting in touch with the listener and developing an electronic music with a unique energetic flavor.

It is a gift of talent and a background of inspirations that Bloom Phase has been able to put to good use, spending the last two years creating ‘Rise Rule Fall’, an album set to be released in the summer 2020, and impeccably introduced by the brand-new single ‘Shift’.

Bloom Phase’s latest work presents itself as a gateway that opens onto an engaging scenario, with which he ferries us into an organically exciting progression of contagious stimuli. Moving through the folds of EDM, ‘Shift’ sounds like a bold and original combination of genres, ranging from lush indie dance coloring, to more aggressive sounds with hints of acid house and industrial.

The exploratory aesthetic that Bloom Phase offers us ranges, with style and personality, between atmospheric openings and chill melodic beats, bringing to the table a cross-section open on the breadht of his expressiveness and his musicianship.

By combining his talent and his passion for techno, electronics and any danceable tone and rhythm, ‘Shift’ is a number that gives you an unstoppable desire to dance. Wanna bet this will make even the most uptight of dancers loosen up and jump?

Listen now to ‘Shift’, the brand-new single from Bloom Phase, off of his upcoming album ‘Rise Rule Fall’.

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