Blacc Cuzz shows his old life on the streets with the single ‘Turn On Me’ and its official video.

A straight-up gangster through and through. This is how Blacc Cuzz introduces himself in his bio, as an artist born and raised on the hard-hitting streets of Pittsburgh, PA, where “he learned from a young age how to survive.”

Facing many trials and tribulations like prison, drug dealing, and death, Blacc has used them to build himself up, crafting alluring lyrics with mesmerizing beats that just resonate with the truth.

“I wanna be known as the new voice of the streets” continues Cuzz “in a craft that is seriously lacking authenticity; I’m here to bring my no holds barred experience, to the ears and hearts of millions of listeners.”

The release of ‘Turn On Me’, the latest single from Blacc Cuzz, is accompanied by the original video, available on Blacc Cuzz’s Youtube channel. Don’t miss to watch it!

Today, inspired by 8Ball and MJG while following them on tour, and by his old life influences, Blacc Cuzz raps for his record label Dream Big Empire and supports other local emerging artists.

In keeping with his statement, his life experiences are what continues to shape Blacc Cuzz’s lyrics. In his latest single ‘Turn On Me’, too, the Pittsburg rapper drew from his real-life past, took the glory and pain of street life, and mixed it all into a relatable trap number.

Blending truthful rhymes with hypnotizing and hard-hitting trap beats, with ‘Turn On Me’ Blacc Cuzz brings to the table a genuine slice of his knowledge of what real life on the streets is like, and how it gave him the ability to create uncompromising and solid lyrics for his hypnotizing and hard-hitting trap beat.

A clear picture of the tough times he had to face, from drug dealing to snitches, prison, and death. Genuine, tough, and strong, on flexing and reflecting raw truth of his streets, ‘Turn On Me’ is just the latest example of Cuzz’s caliber.

Listen now to ‘Turn On Me’, the latest single from Blacc Cuzz, available on all the major digital platform.
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