Out on November 6th, Bjorn Rydhog released a follow-up remix signed by JRSS for “Into Your Heart,” a critically acclaimed song from his EP “Give Me Sunshine.”

The Swedish artist makes his indie-pop melody shine again by mixing it with the electronic touch of producer Johan Sigerud (JRSS). 

Together the two artists deliver a beat-driven number full of melancholy and modernized retro vibes.

The remix’s aesthetic is atmospheric, suspended somewhere between expansive openness and introspective pampering. Brilliant and engaging, the beat is a real locomotion here and is played with acumen in the variations of colors, additions, and subtractions.

Even when the sound spectrum is totally emptied of every percussive element, the track’s pulsivity persists and echoes, leading you to yearn to get it back in, again, even more.

The catchy melody, the thriving play on managing the spectrum’s spatiality, and the variance of colors are further corroborated by deploying airy female backing vocals. They all work like a glowing icing on the cake.

“The single ‘Into Your Heart – JRSS Remix’ differs in so many ways from my previous acoustic songs and shows an electronic direction I want to explore more in the future. The song comes at its very best, driving your car as darkness falls, but any time will do.” – Bjorn Rydhog on ‘Into Your Heart – JRSS Remix’

Here Sigerud & Rydhog play as an established duo, thanks to an interesting and exciting collab. We can’t wait to see them working together again.

Listen now to "Into Your Heart - JRSS Remix" by Bjorn Rydhog. The track is accompanied by an official video. Check it out on the Bjorn Rydhog YouTube channel.

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