This Avant-Garde pop musician / model emigrated from Africa and flew over the ocean to take root in New York. Now, wrapped in yellow-and-black clothes and arena choruses, she seems to be ready to swell up pop music with the sting of her music.

Released at the end of 2019, ‘Phantom’ is one of the most compelling tracks from the captivating artist BINX, which brings to us a compelling pop number about being ghosted on social media.

After performing at the US Open, The New York Marathon (two years in a row) Webster Hall, Soho House (NY) The South African Traditional Music Awards, and with her song ‘Radiohead’ went to Number 1 on a South African radio chart Binx now lives in Beverly Hills, CA, where she continues to release new music, which as she says, “helps save bees.”

Binx - performing
Binx // Phantom - single artwork

With an unforgotten bond to her homeland, the African continent, the soaring blonde starlet Binx fascinates and magnetizes, thanks the honey sweetness of her melodies and the pungent force of her rhythms.

A star of tomorrow, already rising.

Listen now to ‘Phantom’, the single from Binx, and find out more about her music, checking the links below: