Multi-faceted and inspired – DJ and producer Billy Gatt lets his new twist blossom by releasing the brand-new single “Neverend.”

San Francisco native LA-based kaleidoscopic artist is one on a mission: to create an everlasting impact on human society.

(Re-)thinking to the principle that music is a form of expression as something of his own, Gatt pushes his music towards new shores that take the inheritance given by some codifications of the past and remodel them in the service of his personal and histrionic vision.

Challenging the genre classification, Billy focuses more on creating evocative and suggestive listening moments, continuing towards the power and fascination of contrasts.

Aiming to break and decontextualize the known boundaries of musical genres, Gatt moves into that no man’s land that represents a branch of the new avant-garde of the moment.

Where many do not even dare to approach, the DJ/producer seems to be entirely at ease, as he draws elements of style, cosmetics, and substance from Hip-hop, from Dance, more generally from EDM, right down to the depths of bass music.

In the perspective of this vision, so viscerally inspired and volubly elusive, comes the perfect manifesto of Billy Gatt’s signature: the single “Neverend.” Here we can grasp the essence of a creative direction, which, rather than aiming to destabilize, validates and advocates the driving force and the artist’s vision.

The past’s echoes lose more and more definition, as they are more and more distant as time passes. Instead, Billy Gatt’s miscellany, simmering on the fire of everyday life inspirations, is right here, right now.

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