The Kansas City, Missouri (USA), artist Bill Abernathy has just released a new single titled “Can’t Go Back“, which comes with a lyrics video to accompany it.

Having grown up loving music and writing songs as a teenager, singer-songwriter Bill Abernathy has already demonstrated his artistic talent with releases such as his 2017 album Find A Way, which reached 5th place in the ranking of traditional folk songs of Roots Music Report, or his most recent album, Crossing Willow Creek, which is in the ranking of Itunes’ 100 best. With this new “Can’t Go Back“, Bill Abernathy returns to speak to his fan base to share an important message with all of them.

In the new lyric video of “Can’t Go Back“, Bill sings over a series of photographs and animated images that underline his story, enhanced by his rich and pervasive voice, and by lyrics written in a simply exceptional way.

Crossing Willow Creek - artwork. Most recent album from  Bill Abernathy
Crossing Willow Creek – artwork. Most recent album from Bill Abernathy.

The song has a nostalgic streak, made up of memories and arguments about revisiting the past, embracing it and learning from it, without regretting it.

Bill’s voice is rewarding to listen to, characterized by soothing tones and supported by a rhythmic which animates and completes with coherency the whole song.

A gem with a wonderful relatability for anyone who listens to it.

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Watch now the lyric video of “Can’t Go Back” available on Youtube [ here ]; the song is also available on Spotify [ here ].