After her viral hit "I'm Wit It" and the more introspective "Grave", Bianca Clarke is preparing to release her latest project, of which she provides some previews with a short interview

Bianca Clarke is an American singer, songwriter and rapper, born in Mobile, Alabama. Having toured with the likes of Trina, Tokyo Jetz, Gucci Mane and Yung Bleu, Bianca is making a name for herself through her hip-hop and R&B music.

Bianca Clarke‘s artistic vision focuses on a picture bigger than what’s usual for many artists, since she aims to uplift and empower women.

In the wake of the viral success she has achieved with “I’m Wit It“, her song featuring Tokyo Jetz and Trina, Bianca Clarke remains focused on leaving her mark on the industry, and recently released her latest single “Grave“.

In this introspective track Bianca delves into the depths of betrayal, loyalty and perseverance, and the result stands out for its solid mix of harmonic melodies and the touching quality of its narrative lyrics.

Bianca Clarke // "Grave" - artwork

Grave“, the latest single from Bianca Clarke is available on:
 Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music

Renamed by her fans as The Queen of Alabama and Madam of Mobile, with her music Bianca Clarke aims to convey the values most dear to her, which are respect and loyalty, that come from her real life sources of inspiration: her mother and Griselda Blanco.

To know more about Bianca Clarke and her upcoming album “Queenaveli“, we interviewed her asking some questions. Keep on reading to know more!

Bianca Clarke // “Queenaveli” – promo trailer

Hi Bianca and welcome to Nova Music blog. Let’s talk immediately about “Queenaveli”. We want to know everything! How was the title born, what is the album gonna be like and what is its theme?

Thanks for providing this platform to artists like me! My new album “Queenaveli” means the world to me. It’s been very therapeutic writing and recording the project. One of my supporters actually came up with the name “Queenaveli”! He was referring to me as Queenaveli inspired by Tupac’s impact on the game, so I just decided to use it for the name of my new album. The name really stood out to me. On this album you will hear a more personal approach, more melodic songs & you will hear me really tapping into my craft. You will hear the growth compared to my music in the past. The theme is reality based inspired by my upbringing my neighborhood and my mentors.

The music you offer sounds broad and engaging, surely also the result of the chemistry you have with your creative team, the Splash Commitee. Can you tell us something about your relationship and how your creative process develops?

The process we have is I come up with the music, and my team builds the narrative, handles the business and brings my ideas to life as far as marketing, promotion, visuals, packaging, etc

Your musical inspirations range from Nicki Minaj to Monica to Mary J Blige. How do these blends with what you draw from your mother and the real life values ​​that are most important to you?

My mother is my everything, she keeps me grounded when I feel like giving up. When I feel alone, she’s always there. I love what Nicki Minaj, Mary, and Monica bring to the game. They are all very strong and creative women, and I’m very inspired.

Let’s fix a date for all the fans and listeners ready to schedule the release date of “Queenaveli” on their calendars: where and when will they be able to listen to it?

“Queenaveli” will be going out for pre sale January 10, 2020, and it’s scheduled to release January 31st 2020.

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