BFLAME is back under the spotlights with the compelling single Too Many Hurtin’.

Continuing to fuel an inspired momentum that does not seem to have an end, the Midwest American hip hop artist returns to show off his style and creativity, bringing to the table a fresh blend of R&B and Reggae.

He inflamed us with his Flamed Up, hit the mark with Wait My Turn, and returned to fascinate us with You My Champion. In a world full of negativity, BFLAME continues to grow and to feed his creative approach focused on being positive and inspiring people through his talent.

The propellant that inspires and pushes BFLAME to move forward seems to be inexhaustible. Affordable or inevitable, that of BFLAME is a series of pieces that hit the mark, now enriched by that new precious nugget that is Too Many Hurtin’.

A Creator persistently able to stand out from the crowd, with his latest work BFLAME gives us an R&B piece infused with veiled Reggae vibes.

Organic and fluid, Too Many Hurtin’ makes itself appreciated thanks to the balanced mix given by smoky soft melodies, effortlessly laid out on involving rhythmic carpets. A musically communicative transition that seems to marry exquisitely with the creative perspective of an artist who is always at ease in opening his musicality to new paths.

BFLAME // Too Many Hurtin' - single cover
BFLAME // Too Many Hurtin' - single cover

“I wrote #TooManyHurtin because I felt that there are Several culture issues and world differences that need to be addressed and we have to understand that it starts with us individually to bring about change collectively.” So BFLAME shares something more about the source of inspiration for Too Many Hurtin’. “I feel that there is no better time than this to highlight not just the injustices but all the negative things that are happening across the world and having direct impact today. World Healing has to start from the Heart.”

There is no doubt, a message that cannot be ignored.

Listen now to Too Many Hurtin’, the latest compelling single from BFLAME, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your favourite via

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