American southern Midwest hip-hop artist Bflame is going to strike back with a new release featuring Yeekyk, a single titled “Wait My Turn”.

As Bflame explain: “Wait My Turn is a single that is showcasing the daily struggles for striving artist, or anyone who is striving to be great in there own way, and who continues to face life challenges after being knocked down time after time. Just when it seems that everyone in the world has turned there back on you life decides to take a turn for the better.  This is why Wait My Turn was created. Everyone can relate to those days of waiting for something amazing to happen in our quest for success. Whatever that ambition is for you. “

Wait My Turn” drops everywhere on November 22, on Apple Music [ here ] and all the major digital platforms. To don’t miss it, check Bflame socials: Facebook [ here ] and Instagram [ here ].

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Bflame ft. Yeekyk // "Wait My Turn" - single cover
Bflame ft. Yeekyk // "Wait My Turn" - single cover
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