Betyljoos - Linda Dolan
Betyljoos - photo shoot

This is ‘Back in Time’, the latest single by solo artist Linda ‘Betty’ Dolan, known by the stage name Betyljoos, to be pronounced  Beetle Juice, like the popular 1988 movie.

“The name was given to me in a bar while I was collecting the cover charge for my friend’s band” Betyl explains. “I was wearing a striped shirt and the people near me didn’t know my name but kept buying me drinks all night. Eventually they told me they were calling me Beetle Juice because of my shirt. So, I changed the spelling, played with the pronunciation a bit, and it stuck.”

The call back to an iconic reference of those decades is strong, and it could not be otherwise for this artist, who vibrates strong and present resonances and influences that draw plentifully from the captivating sounds and influences of the most classic rock of the 70s, moving with cleverness between 80s pop and 90s alternative rock.

So with ‘Back in Time’ the New York artist sports a compelling second single, which follows the previous ‘Wishing Well’ and the debut album ‘Dredging the Hudson’, bringing us an increasingly mature sound, made unique by her stylistic touch and vocal timbre.

The grunge vein and the touch of metal do the rest, together with the catchy melody, with guitar riffs, bass lines, and stop & go that give the song good legs and make it flow away in all its dynamic and brightness, conveying in a contemporary key that sense of positive melancholy that is its overall theme.

This is among the most promising discoveries of pop hard rock that we have heard lately, a piece meant not just for fans of the 70s-80s-90s.

Listen now to ‘Back in Time’, the latest single by Betyljoos, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms – and find out more about her music, checking the links below: