Bethany Ferrie - portrait
Bethany Ferrie - Stayed - single cover

Even though it is only in the last year that Bethany has started to publish music and perform wherever possible, those times when she sent voice notes to her friends in her teenage bedroom now seem far away.

Guided by her voice, present and edifying, the young singer-songwriter from Glasgow gives life and light to her ‘Stay’, a pop song with an acoustic atmosphere, enriched by hints of folk and country exquisitely declined in a contemporary key.

Hovering between the permanence of her truthful words and the fragility of the fragments of her soul, the self-confidence and the sense of liberation that she transmits with ‘Stay’ lead Bethany to stand out above many artists, both her age and beyond.

Listen now to ‘Stay’, the latest single from Bethany Ferrie, and find out more about her music, checking the links below: