Suspended between reality and dream, through his single “12 Maggio 2016” Beppe De Francesco makes us relive the intensity of the feelings

Fresh, catchy and with an engaging sound, “12 Maggio 2016” is a sentimentally genuine song, an example of how music can still be poetry today

A graduate in acting and directing with a further specialization in dramaturgy, Beppe De Francesco was not satisfied with limiting himself to a single artistic sphere. After being active from a young age in the world of dialect theater, being part of several theater companies, and also acting professionally in Italian TV series, he decided to widen his horizons and show his aptitude for combining singing and theatrical skills.

What Beppe De Francesco creates with “12 Maggio 2016” is an atmosphere with a catchy pop rock sound that rests on an enthralling funky rhythm enriched by elegant, retro-sounding electronic intrusions.

Musician Marco Giorgi is co-author, arranger and producer of the song, which offers a very satisfying listening experience, thanks to a mix that clearly balances the characterizing elements, and a mastering that emphasizes the airiness and breadth of the song, as well as De Francesco’s voice’s sensual timbre.

Listen now to “12 Maggio 2016”, Beppe De Francesco‘s 2017 debut single, available on Spotify. The song is accompanied by an official video, available on YouTube and Vtyo.

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