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Bear’s Towers is above all a story of friendship, which revolves lively around a common desire: to create and relay emotions. This band’s statement sounds like a promise set in stone. One of those that does not betray expectations.

Through the folk guitar and the intimate voice of Aurélien, the electronic orchestrations wisely measured by Olivier, and the Rock impulse brought by the twin brothers Tommy and Nathan, these four contemporary chanteurs prove that they know how to touch every single string of our feeling; and they let them ring like few others.

Capable of caressing and surprising at the same time, their “Prism” is a shell within which to find protection, allowing us to get our guard down and let the fever of the EP flood us with shivering thrills.

Released on April 30, 2020, it seems that this time we arrived quite late to find out the news. Yet, it is precisely here that we find the surprise within the surprise.

Bear’s Towers’ work is of such depth and breadth that we can ideally compare it to a bridge that stands out between 2019 and 2021. Embracing that 2020 that we have just left behind, “Prism” builds, or rather, dig a safe trench in the midst of that battlefield that was 2020.

A veritable edifying manifesto, the incipit of this speech immediately finds its first anthemic proclamation with the lead track “Vertigo.”

The game of transliterating by assonance Bear’s Towers “vertigo” into “let it go” is easy to apply. And it is precisely from this re-reading that starts our analysis aimed at capturing all the power and essence of this commendable EP.

The vertigo evoked by the band today reminds us of a need for release: to leave behind the issues we have faced and enjoy that lively moment, that thrilling shiver, which precedes every rebirth.

The power unleashed by “Vertigo” then blows into “If You Wanna Go.” The light remains melancholically focused on what has been. Because it is in accepting that we have lost something that we can look forward to with new eyes.

The scars are not to be hidden. But they are to be caressed because they remind us of our path. Indeed, some of these have not yet fully recovered. But in the impossibility of changing the past, the way forward is the one that goes on.

The call to the after, to tomorrow, is a symphony of bells, which magnetically draws all our attention. It is precisely the strokes of “Bells,” which, with its rhythmic cycling, pulls us and pushes us to restart with a decisive step.

Between the emotional crests and valleys evoked by “Prism,” the pinnacle, the apex of this phoenix manifesto, arrives with the very last track, “Silent Birds.”

Bear’s Towers argument is never scholarly or banal. Every aspect of the emotional sphere touched here finds a double reflection in this EP’s tracks.

Even “Silent Birds” is no exception in this. So, if “Bells” draws the restart line, the last track shows us where to point, where to put the first step on this new path, which is still to be written.

Just one step at a time, without necessarily having to forget the past. But moving forward, without allowing the shadows of what has been to keep us from living and vibrating as we did before.

Among the most exciting discoveries we have made in recent months, “Prism” by Bear’s Towers is an incredible blend of pop, folk and rock elevated to prayer for today’s human being.

Simply, unmissable!

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