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Hailing from Alabama, United States, up-and-coming artist Bean releases the breìand-new mellow Ambient Rap tune titled Shawty

The new work signed by Bean is a Rap piece that opens to Ambient in Jerk style.

The flow and the undulating rhythm corroborate the swing of the drifting dirge to which this brief digression aspires.

Wavy yet airy, hopeful yet disarming, in Shawty the 23-year-old artist from Alabama gives us a slice of her creative vision in her own way.

As instinctive as it is dreamy, Shawty rises from the underground conveying her ethereal aesthetic.

Of course, this is quite far from the old school mainstream, however we are certain that many of the very young will appreciate the caliber of this Chrysoberyllium cinch.

Listen now to Shawty, the latest Single by Bean, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via ---

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