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Up-and-coming EDM producer and DJ Bauman Music brings two infectious tunes: Falling and Stand Tall.

Originally from Pennsylvania, USA, Bauman Music is an emerging EDM producer and DJ with a penchant for writing infectious melodies and easily recognizable narratives.

Inspired by renowned artists such as Martin Garrix, Illenium, and Marshmello, Bauman’s journey began during the covid-19 lockdown when to pass the time he learned to produce by following the Kygo course and working with other artists to learn.

This is how the hobby ignited a dormant passion within the artist, spurring him to continue to feed his creative vein.

An avid storyteller heavily influenced by real-life experiences, Bauman Music draws inspiration for his music from personal experiences.

Evoking vivid sonic emotions, Bauman Music brings us well-crafted sound where multiple styles find a home, including progressive house and future bass.

His very first works, two infectious tones titled Falling and Stand Tall, are two numbers full of energy, capable of instilling an effervescent sense of shining positivity.

Positive and full of hope, Bauman’s seems to be music ready to bring more than a glimpse of heaven to this generation.

Listen now to Falling and Stan Tall, the latest singles by Bauman Music, available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud.


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