With a genuine live recording, “Thank You” brings Bantey’s music out of the crowd, with style, grace and uniqueness that fascinates

Record producer, songwriter and performer Bantey recently released his new single “Thank You“, the latest production from this talented artist.

Bantey has been breathing and living music since the age of 4, when he started playing the piano. By the age of 7, he had learned to play 4 instruments, and at the age of 9 he had his first experience in the world of production. Since then, Bantey has become a professional record producer, both locally and internationally, creating songs not only for himself but also for several other artists.

Dynamics and musicality are the words that come to mind listening to Bantey‘s music, the result of an artistic creativity of which we find a shining example precisely in “Thank You.”

Bantey // "Thank You" - cover
Bantey // “Thank You” – cover

With this release, which is a live performance recording, Bantey gives us an arrangement that plays a pictorial, rich and vibrant sound.

The wide-ranging atmosphere of this song offers a delivery capable of embracing the full breadth of world music, in which afropop and afrobeat influences blend organically.

The impeccable display of this live recording shines with its own brilliance. It’s a real joy for the ears, which brings “Thank You” to an even higher level than it already is.

Style, grace, uniqueness and overall vision are just some of the qualities that stand out in this production that fascinates thanks to its construction, that grabs the attention thanks to its engaging rhythm.

We had the opportunity to interview Bantey. Keep reading for more!

Hi Bantey, thanks for joining us for this interview. Your music seems to embrace the world music genre. In particular, listening to “Thank You,” it seems that you really are able to capture the vibrations of the world and turn them into music. How much of this does come naturally to you?

I’ve had the opportunity to play various kinds of music at different stages in my life locally and internationally, and also experiencing diverse cultures has sort of influenced my creativity. One of my best abilities is arranging songs/pieces, which I believe I developed over time.

We are still on “Thank You.” The construction of the song is impeccable. The arrangement, its musicality, the richness of the elements and the way in which they interpenetrate: all these denote uncommon sensitivity and competence. Do you think they are the fruit of your experience and of your studies started at a young age, or are they more the result of the inspiration typical of those who live the present in the deepest possible way?

It’s a combination of both. I started listening to music very early in my life, thanks to my dad who would sit me down and play me various records, from James Brown to Michael Jackson, George Benson, Fela Kuti, The Isley Brothers, etc. Having that kind of background opens one up to different worlds than his own.

The performance of the artists who accompany you live in “Thank You” is stellar. The chemistry and organicity that we perceive are simply magical. How are you able to develop and stimulate other artists in such a unique way?

Thank you! That has to do first with the mission statement, which is ‘Great music’, coupled with consistent practice and studying, playing together, experimenting with different sounds and sharpening each other.

What are your plans for the future? Can you give us some anticipation on what you will do soon?

More music and more music.

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