Swedish four-musician punk rock band Back of House recently released their newest work, consisting of two tracks: “The Brisket in the Kitchen” and “Success High“. Two songs that, like the rest of their music, revolve around food and the food industry.

This music is what happens when a chef puts their hands on amplifiers and microphones. It’s the kind of tools that should not find their way into a kitchen, but the people behind Back of House are full of unaware genius and thoughtful recklessness. Or was it the other way around, and they’re full of unaware recklessness and thoughtful genius?

Doesn’t matter: Back of House have fun playing their music, kicking ass, eating food, drinking beer, and they never take themselves too seriously.

Like it or not, love them or hate them, they won’t care. If you, too, are a huge fan of the combination of punk rock plus ‘culinary art’, then you can dive headfirst into their songs.

Back of House await you with their histrionic culinary punk rock music on Spotiy. If you want to join them, we recommend bringing drinks. You can also find them in the kitchen … or on Facebook.

Back of House // "The Brisket in the Kitchen" - cover
Back of House // "The Brisket in the Kitchen" - cover