Out on June 16th via The Orchard, and premiered along with a music video via American Songwriter, ‘Together’ has already been properly referred to as “a wistful indie pop number that pairs Desmond’s lilting vocals and vivid songwriting with nostalgic production.”

Of the new song, front woman Jenna Desmond offers, “When Corey and I originally wrote this song, it was about discovering new things about each other as life changed and challenged our relationship. A year ago when we were finishing the recording process we would have never guessed that we’d be releasing it during such a troubling time. A global pandemic shutting down our world, and people protesting on the streets demanding justice and equality. Though it’s obvious our song wasn’t intended for this, we hope that it can bring some joy to you all, joy to being together with other humans whether they be friends/family/lovers/strangers. We’re all in this together. The lyrics say “I’m trying to be normal again”. I think a new “normal” is on the horizon.”

‘Together’ is a sneak peek of the 5-track debut EP ‘Remember this Feeling’, which is set to be released later this year.

Recorded in Atlanta with producer Dan Gleason (Grouplove) and engineer TJ Elias (Liz Cooper, Manchester Orchestra), it follows the band’s 2018 single, ‘Hate Myself’, which landed on NPR’s New Music Friday Playlist.

Words, thoughts, and reflections find significant bearing in the penetrating musical delivery that Babe Club offers with ‘Together’. It is the power of a message that is so strong thanks to its choral quality that makes you realize it does not involve just yourself, but an entire generation. It is the strength of a missive that captures all your attention, despite being almost whispered.

Asynchronously aimed at a progression that lingers and starts moving again on a rhythmic carpet embellished with the silences of ghost notes, desired but not granted, the single from Babe Club is a sophisticated artistic syncope, one that welcomes us in an edifying musical embrace.

The companion self-directed music video for ‘Together’ was inspired by the band’s album cover for the EP, and a calendar called Nuns Having Fun, which features nuns on motorcycles, playing basketball, eating ice cream, etc.

“We wanted the video to be less about a romantic relationship and more about how spiritual friendship can be,” said Babe Club, as they sing: “When we’re together, you make me feel so alive.”

The music video for ‘Together’ is available on the Babe Club YouTube channel.

In its refined non-linearity, ‘Together’ shines for the evocative poetics it arouses, touching thanks to cyclical references that are as relaxed as they are cadenced, that exquisitely refer to a passing of time, which goes by playing on old memories.

With a composition of suggestive elements, masterfully corroborated in a permeating and enveloping unison, the track lights up by its own glow, as suffused as it is radiant, thanks to subtle glimmers that enhance visceral and hazy emotions in every key point.

An impeccable production that is a work of contemporary art returned in music form,  made of recognizable, relatable elements, and projected into a future, a hazy tomorrow, which is already today, so densely populated, yet accomplished and clearly depicted.

Listen now to Babe Club ‘Together’, the single off of their upcoming debut EP, ‘Remember this Feeling’, available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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.: Nova Music blog // August 2020