Hailing from Oakland, CA, Ayem Cemani has been an artist for her whole life, raised by music and by her mother, after her father was murdered, but too insecure to be a musician.

Driven by the honest dream about what it would be like to be a musician and be recognized as a talented writer, Ayem grew up in the age of “LimeWire”, and had access to an unlimited source of music.

Since she was a quiet kid, Cemani felt like music was the only way to express herself, but she has always found herself curbed, if not downtrodden, by a latent embarrassment, a bad feeling that triumphed over her expressiveness.

“But I got to the point where I’m now 26 on the verge of 27… working a 9 to 5… ready to kill myself because I couldn’t take such a mundane life style,” explains Ayem Cemani sharing her backdrop, then she continues: “I never felt like music was a tangible profession. But about a month ago, I found myself staring at a wall, tears in my ears, and my thoughts in a dark place because my passion couldn’t take being in the closet anymore.”

So Ayem Cemani took courage in her hands and released her first single, off of her new demo tape. Even if she’s barely starting out, moving her first steps on the scene, that of Cemani promises to be an interesting project, about some important topics of contemporary society, such as, drugs, mental health, and relationship abuse.

Ayem Cemani made all her songs of her phone “because no one gave me a chance”, she says.“I soon realized I had to take a chance on myself and do everything on my own. I’ve always been used to doing that, though, since my father died. I change my on oil, tire, and anything a woman would normally have to rely on a man for. I don’t care if others don’t like my music anymore… I’m making it for me, now!”

Cemani’s turning point is already here, out with her single ‘Fuckking w/Me’ available on Soundcloud.

And while we wish her only the best for her future, Cemani seems definitely ready to write a new story and, why not?, maybe even to start a new life path.

Listen now to Ayem Cemani’s single ‘Fuckking w/Me’, available for streaming on Spotify.

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Ayem Cemani // Fuckking w Me - single cover
Ayem Cemani // Fuckking w Me - single cover