Austin Carr is a gay indie pop singer-songwriter located in LA, and a former male model and actor. He began singing and songwriting at 13 and started his own Youtube channel when he was 16, acquiring over 5,000 subs and over 500,000 video views.

For three years Austin built a career acting and modeling in Los Angeles, from international campaigns for brands like Uniqlo to commercials with companies like One Main Financial and Dakine.

Austin Carr, former male model and actor
Austin Carr, former male model and actor

That abruptly changed in the summer of 2019, when Austin began to lose all his hair quickly and unexpectedly, due to an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata. Stuck in a point of his career where he was unable to continue to work in front of the camera, Austin channeled all his pain and creative frustration into his lifetime love for songwriting.

In a few months, working with producer Jessy Covets, he created ‘Imaginary Boy’, a 4-tracks EP imbued with the melancholic feeling inspired by his issue. Atmospherically steeped in indie pop tones and a vintage, soulful sound aesthetic, the EP is a poignant call full of moments of stripped back vulnerability, with which Austin showcases all of his songwriting skill.

“I named the EP ‘Imaginary Boy’ because I think that often in relationships, we tend to invent an idealized version ofour significant others in order to justify staying with them or ignore their flaws,” Austin said. “It was interesting to playaround with this idea that I’ve essentially been dating imaginary versions of my exes that don’t really exist, and tothem I’ve probably been just an imaginary boy myself.”

Released on May 1st, 2020, ‘Imaginary Boy’ includes three original songs and one acoustic live cover. From the electronically influenced dance song ‘For Once and For Her’, to a retro and vintage pop feel in ‘I’ll Forget U, I Won’t Forget This’, through Austin’s ballad ‘Bruise’, this EP is an exquisite gently excursion with an intimate soulful minimal production.

AustinCarr’s EP, ‘Imaginary Boy’, is now available on all the major streaming platforms. Find your preferred one via link.

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