Following her debut EP ‘Unfold‘, self-published via AWAL in 2018, ‘Cold Love‘ sees Austel increase her self-assertion and artistic identity.

In this exquisite creative evolution the artist blends her classical training with contemplative songwriting and innovative electronics, also thanks to the hard work she did side by side with her band-mate, producer, and long-term collaborator Adam Stark.

Emotional and perceptive, in ‘Cold Love‘ the artist corroborates her artistic signature, previously defined by critics as “haunting and moody electronica”, transforming it into a further daring dynamic weave, in which she mixes classic, indie, and cinematographic influences.

The result is an enveloping EP of 5 dark and brooding electro-pop tracks where Austel‘s distinctive and ethereal voice guides us through soundscapes that are a mirror of the pain and hope of modern life. ‘Cold Love‘ is a graceful parenthesis where one can take refuge, among the lights and shadows of our thoughts.

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