Layers by Auni Saxton - artwork
Layers by Auni Saxton – artwork

After the release, last year, of her first solo EP titled Alchemy, Auni Saxton makes her voice soar once again, releasing an exciting new single called Layers.

Auni Saxton is a singer-songwriter originally from Kansas City, MO, now based in Atlanta, GA, who fell in love with music since she started singing in her church choir when she was only 5 years old.

After moving to Atlanta in 2011, she studied audio production at the Art Institute of Atlanta and started working closely with many artists and producers.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field year after year, she was able to experiment with her creativity, improving her sound more and more.

With the release of the EP Alchemy Ms. Saxton received exciting reviews. But this talented artist did not want to shoot mindlessly ahead. In fact Layers comes out after a brief pause, which saw Auni committed to further enhancing her artistic skills.

Hers is an approach focused on experimenting, on  taking advantage of the experience she made to perfect her sound, making it more and more distinctive.

That’s how Ms. Saxton manages to give us an exquisitely unique single like Layers.
A first-class production, with an enveloping but airy sound, rich in masterfully balanced colors. The heart of the mix is Auni’s voice: deeply touching and full of feeling, it’s like the delicate warmth of the first dawn, and it makes us melt like snow in the sun.

With Layers, Auni brought her poetic lyricism to an even higher level.

We could go on and on, talking about genres, styles and artists that one may compare or relate to Layers.
But we don’t want to soil its purity in any way.

Because Layers is like a light breeze of fresh air, gently knocking at your window.
Why are you waiting to open it?

Listen to Layers and discover all the Auni Saxton‘s music, which is available on all the main digital platform [ here ].

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