After ‘Rockstarz’ and ‘Day Gigs’, debut artist Aukwurd releases his third new single ‘Everywhere’

In search of fame and visibility, Aukwurd releases a new single with which this New York artist brings us his “explanation of how a female has a strong vibe everywhere”.

‘Everywhere’ represents a new step for Aukwurd, who is new to the music scene and working hardto give shape and substance to his artistic path, which sees him busy writing and producing his original music.

A piece of classic contemporary hip-hop, ‘Everywhere’ is all about Aukwurd’s trembling voice and autotune, hanging over a background beat that aims to saturate the low-mid range.

‘Everywhere’ is available for streaming on Spotify. To find out more about Aukwurd and his music, check and follow him on Instagram.

Aukwurd - Everywhere - single artwork
Aukwurd - Everywhere - single artwork