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On Fire, Rebound,Right night feeling – three fresh bangers from Atthar, to lit once more chill pop-electro vibes.

Here is something we recently tuned in to as we faced one of the hardest times we’ve experienced in recent years.

Without boring anyone with unnecessary chatter, we have come very close to disappearing. The classic chain of events in which everything seems to want to go for the worst.

Then suddenly, just when things have fortunately taken a more rosy turn, here we have three very interesting tracks from the artist Atthar.

On Fire, a motivational song about someone who knows that he / she has to ‘just do it’, gave us the right sound, with its 80’s mood synthesizers, and a fresh Pop mix.

Rebound, a song about a guy who is in a rebound relationship, represented the shoulder to cry for our pains, just like the friend protagonist of this “milti role” story

Right night feeling, a tune selected in 2021 as a demo song for the music production software FL Studio, it’s been the most played song of Atthar’s catalog. Could they have missed the opportunity to find our way through the intimacy around which the whole theme of this issue develops? Obviously not!

Listen now to On Fire, Rebound, Right Night Feeling, the latest singles by Atthar, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via


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