“Neon Dreams” is the latest album by Asher Laub, in which this talented artist combines the attractive melodies of his electric violin with the pulsating aura of EDM.

This particular single manages to transmit so much energy it is electrifying. The strength of the arrangement sounds memorably, and is enhanced by a development that, although organic and natural,  surprises every time the theme is reprised. The uplifting aura captures you like a magnet, while the violin satisfies you with those traditional, typically folk-rock vibrations that always sound familiar.

Neon Dreams” is a musical masterpiece. It is simple to read, but also capable of offering the kind of emotional surge and engaging listening experience that is a pleasure to return to over and over again.

Full of vitality, of uplifting energy levels, “Neon Dreams” is a dreamlike explosion of colors that Asher Laub wields with impeccable mastery and rotates around the listener in an exceptional way.

Modern and passionate, musician Asher Laub excels with this song, showing himself to be passionate, creative, and contemporary.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting instrumental music discoveries of 2019.

Asher Laub // "Neon Dreams" - artwork

Liste now to “Neon Dreams“, the new single from Asher Laub, which is available on Spotify [ here ] and al the major digital platforms.

To discover more about Asher Laub, check his official website [ here ], and follow him on his channels and socials.