The stage persona of Amy Chase, AshA is a rising artist from Sunderland, UK, who we had the pleasure of discovering thanks to her previous release, the single titled ‘Lockdown’, which we talked about in these summer weeks in the article you find at this link AshA // Lockdown.

The latest from Asha is the track titled ‘Tell Me’, a song that AshA had written in view of a summer full of gigs but, like all the other artists struggling with the problems brought by Covid-19, the lockdown forced her to change her plans.

Fortunately, what does not seem to have been affected in the least by the global stop is the creative push with which AshA is releasing a succession of singles, one more compelling than the other.

After the hit number ‘Lockdown’, it was difficult to double the caliber of the release, yet even with her latest work AshA gives us a compelling and captivating single that has already had some radio play in the UK.

Embellished by a more pop style than her usual, the aesthetic of the song does not distort the dark pop vein that distinguishes AshA’s music. Here, moving in a powerful and biting mix of rap and R&B vocals, she manages to give the right evolution to a song marked by a slow yet energizing build up.

From a killer hook to an amazing drop, ‘Tell Me’ opens up to explode in all its fresh richness, illuminated by touches of dance and electronics, revealing itself as an appealing summer tune.

“I wanted to stick to my R&B and hip hop roots after putting out my last single ‘Lockdown’, but I also wanted to create something that could get people up and dancing, and be a track to turn up in the car on a hot day,” says AshA sharing the background of ‘Tell Me’, then she continues: “During recording and writing, I was worried that the beat got too hard later in the song and more towards dance music, but my management and production team loved it, and taking influence  from the likes of Nicki Minaj and other R&B artists collaborating with dance artists like Calvin Harris and David Guetta I thought I would take a punt.”

An upbeat track that is catchy, exquisitely danceable, and that fits like a glove with AshA’s style, talent, and distinctive vocals, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Lockdown’ leave us full of hope for the gems that this artist will certainly be able to give us later on.

Listen now to ‘Tell Me’, the latest single from AshA, and find out more about her music checking the links below:

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Asha // Lockdown - single cover

AshA // Lockdown

From the past breakdown of a long-term relationship to the nowadays pandemic, AshA breaks the chains and releases the single ‘Lockdown’.