AseCard releases the second chapter of his EP series ‘Tropicana’.

The new project by the hip-hop artist from Las Vegas, NV, brings back to the table the pungent energy, the impactful sound, and the exhibitionist passion that AseCard loves to put into his music.

In ‘Tropicana 2.0’ AseCard relives the time he lived in Tropicana Blvd in Las Vegas. Among the eight tracks that make up the EP, the bangers ‘Help’, ‘BoomChika’, and ‘No Reason’ stand out.

Here, the bright colors and lights of the city that never sleeps are mixed with the artist’s memories, meshed between endless days and nights, ups and downs and sexual trysts, that AseCard shares with his listeners, as they return to life before his eyes.

AseCard // Tropicana 2.0
AseCard // Tropicana 2.0

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