ArseniKthaToxic, an emerging artist from Colorado who created a musical group called Same Old Squares, committed to chasing their dreams to the sound of their alternative music, rap and lo-fi.

ArseniKthaToxic has just released an EP titled “Failure“, a work composed of 6 tracks that stands out for its creative mix between contemporary genres and an interesting flow rap, which floats on rhythmic arrangements enhanced by Oh Dam It’s Cam‘s killer beats and those of Xiam and Colo, who add the right amount of sugar to the production.

Failure” is an EP that offers us a pulsating and sometimes biting sound, with vocals that range in an experimental way, underlining the cleverly rapped lyrics.

At times visionary and hypnotic, “Failure” presents various innovations both in the arrangements and in the mix, which make the entire EP an interesting production, especially for the contrasts built between the flow raps and more harmonious instrumental parts.

Talent, passion and experimentation: these are the ingredients with which ArseniKthaToxic packages “Failure“, an EP with a refined and innovative sound texture.

Listen now to “Failure” by ArseniKthaToxic, which is available on Youtube [ here ] and Soundcloud [ here ].

Find out more about ArseniKthaToxic on Facebook [ here ] and Instagram [ here ].

ArseniKthaToxic // "Failure" - artwork
ArseniKthaToxic // “Failure” – artwork