AR Base is an artist with a truly unique approach to gospel and neo-soul music. One of the most surprising aspects of his songs is actually the fact that the artist is able to combine unique production values ​​with fascinating vocal melodies and lyrics with a truly profound meaning.

His latest single, “Not Forgotten“, fully embraces the timeless sound and creative approach of AR Base. Thanks to an illuminating musical delivery, with this song AR Base gives us a sense of warmth, which connects with the listeners on a particularly deep level.

The exceptional vocal performances have a truly fascinating quality of execution, with rich and relevant harmonic constructions.

Among these stands out the one by renowned gospel singer Tallie Rogers, who with her voice elevates the theme of the song: a tribute to faith and to a superior power.

In “Not Forgotten“, AR Base combines and shapes musical styles, delivering a vibrant fusion of gospel and soul, shaded by an R&B vein, which constantly and passionately evolves throughout its duration in an effective and authentic way.

Beautiful, powerful and uplifting. This is “Not Forgotten” by AR Base.

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