After the release of the single ‘Double Blessing’ and the previous ‘No Forgotten’ (we talked about them right here on Nova Music blog. If you missed the articles you can find them here: AR Base // Double BlessingAR Base // Not Forgotten ), neo-soul artist AR Base is going to release his new soulful single ‘No Plague’.

“A timely response to the panic surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, ‘No Plague’ delivers a lyrical vaccination against all fear.” So AR Base introduces us to his track based on the Psalms, to then continue: “even though bad news is spreading contagiously, we don’t have to live in fear because God has promised to protect us.”

The song, which we had the pleasure of previewing these days, is an exciting number balanced where gospel, R&B and soul meet. It offers us a warm and fortifying hymn pushed by a catchy chorus that repeats “No plague can come my way”, with which to engage regardless of whether one is a believer or not, or independently of one’s exact religious belief.

Embellished by the touch of the famous producer Shawn Hibbler, and with a mix that enhances how veiled lo-fi elements blend in with a bit of hip-hop bass, the track has been selected by Spotify’s Editorial Fresh Gospel Playlist.

‘No Plague’ by AR Base will be released on April 20 2020 on Spotify and iTunes.

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AR Base - No Plague - single artwork
AR Base - No Plague - single artwork