Following on from his previous hit ‘Grievous Words’, AR Base returns with a new release: the single ‘Double Blessing’, a Christian hip hop number based on Job’s story.

On the genesis of the song the AR Base himself explains: “[I had] a leading in my spirit to study the book of Job, to get an understanding of why bad things happen to good people, and the song “Double Blessing” was an answer for that. God blessed Job with a hedge of protection. God blessed the work of his hands; gave him increase and prosperity.  After all his troubles, Job prayed for the people that did him wrong, and God doubled Job’s blessings.”

The result of the collaboration with the producer Paperfall Bros, ‘Double Blessing’ is an upbeat anthem which, by mixing R&B veins and hip hop influences, provides a hook of hope for everyone who knows the pain that comes from financial loss, being surrounded by negative voices, betrayed by friends or living with physical pain.

Guided by captivating melodies and an engaging rhythm, ‘Double Blessing’ is us one of the highest versions of AR Base’s musical style, bringing a sense of healing and inner restoration deep into the spirit of each listener.

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