In preview on Nova Music blog we talk about “Lifeline“, the new single that singer and songwriter Antony Payne will release at the beginning of January 2020.

After the release of his latest single “Faded in Feeling“, published with Come Together Records, Payne continues to fuel his recording career with a new sound experience characterized by his style and vocal performance, distinctive elements through which he is making a name for himself.

Scenographic and vibrant, “Lifeline” is a listening experience that offers a genuine, deep and heartfelt delivery, within which familiar sound elements from contemporary music are enriched and mutually enhanced.

Like most of Antony Payne‘s music, this project is full of undeniably captivating hooks and riffs, thanks to catchy melodic developments that are accompanied by an advancement of the musical message that moves from rarefied, almost ethereal atmospheres, to an energizing sound scenario that elevates the whole song.

Lifeline” is a single full of colors that, while maintaining their shades, unite coherently with Payne’s vocal performance, showing the fullness of the creative vision this talented artist has reached.

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Antony Payne // "Lifeline" - single cover
Antony Payne // "Lifeline" - single cover