The story of ‘Ghost’ takes place in Antonia’s inner universe: “home only to thoughts, emotions and memories. A song about loss, facing the emptiness it leaves us with and keep growing as our inner world always changes.” These are the imaginative and suggestive words with which the talented artist Antonia Vai introduces us to that expressive work of art which is ‘Ghost’.

Accompanied by an official video in which Antonia shows off a Tantric, immersive visual bordering on surrealism, the song was written and arranged by the artist herself and recorded with her band in Budapest, at Sinistra Studios.

In the track, through a mixture of poetic soul, dramatic folk and melodic bitch slaps, Antonia makes us sink into an ancestral listening experience of exquisite workmanship and incredible depth and thickness. The naked, spoken word intro, “From darkness to light, inertia to movement. I’m right here. I overcome you by becoming everything which I already am”, makes a shiver run down my back, creating a sense of expectation and pathos.

Antonia Vai - Ghost - cover

I had to hit the road and be a nomad for a while to find my voice again. The result became Ritual. My inner revolution. A celebration of freedom, strength, mysticism, the woman in me. I sang myself through catastrophes and returned with these songs.

Accompanied by the subdued noise of the wind, we slide into a tribal rhythmic carpet, sealed by ethereal voices, until Antonia’s makes its entrance. And everything takes on a splendid charm.

From a solitary emptiness cloaked in total darkness, to boundless desert expanses, from the crests of the sand dunes to the valleys of the oases’ pools of salvation, from the lighthouse’s beacon of hope to the passionate debate of harmonic phrasing, the work of art that Antonia Vai brings us seems to have no equal.

It has none because it is incomparable. The profound and insidious musical lexicon, as sophisticated as that of the visual, mellifluously floats on the unstoppable rhythm that beats pulsating in the background.

For a songwriting that lives outside the box, pervasive and alternative, imbued with magical mysticism.

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