Annika Jayne // Praying Hands - single cover

Recorded in 2016 at Kleine Audiowelt in Sandhausen, Germany and produced by Daniel Deboy (The Late Call), ‘Praying Hands’ is a song about friendship, a recurring theme in Annika’s works.

Embellished by the touch of Nelly Noack’s cello and of Jörg Teichert’s slide guitar, ‘Praying Hands’ is a tender indie folk song infused in a caressing acoustic atmosphere. Here Annika gives an admirable display of the nuances of her vocal performance, finely suffused and nuanced with the graceful arrangement, giving life to a union of music and lyrics of exquisite musicianship.

Although the song title contains the word praying, the song has no religious association. “My best friend was leaving our hometown to live with her fiancé in France. I knew I would miss her, but I also knew this wasn’t going to be the end of our friendship.” So Annika recalls part of the songwriting process that led her to write ‘Praying Hands’.

With lyrics like “We are just as close, as praying hands, when one hand is mine and the other one is yours / We won’t run out of time / There’s no distance in our minds / Cause we’ll just hold on tight”, Annika expresses once again all her songwriting talent, evoking a touching picture that perfectly describes the feeling of a friendship so profound and deeply-rooted to the point of being able to overcome any geographical distance.

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Annika Jayne
Annika Jayne