Anna Belle is an  R&B synthpop artist based in Nashville, TN, who writes, produces, mixes and releases her music, all independently. Distinguished by an alternative style with a retro taste, her music passes through analog production, exciting performances and carefully conceptualized videos. She already boasts a total of 900 commissioned recording projects and also hosts a music livestream show, watched daily by thousands of people internationally. In 2018, she was featured in the regionally syndicated late night show The Mystery Hour, while in 2019 she performed at Playlist Live Orlando.

The electric piano that opens ‘Tokyo’ has an adorable dreamy touch, perfect introduction to an alt-pop ballad with a lo-fi taste, where Anna Belle gradually adds in backing vocals, strings and synths, to make the song blossom into a broad choral ending. Airy and candid, Anna Belle’s work is characterized by the original and unique delivery that she manages to set up with grace and transport.

Soft and full of feeling, Anna’s new work represents a further step forward in the artistic maturity of this talented artist, allowing her to expand her artistic range with exquisite coherence and organicity.

Anna Belle

We hope our readers from Nashville won’t take offense and just agree when we say that Anna Belle’s music shouldn’t be confined to a restricted geographical area. It’s music made to be listened to everywhere, all over the world, meeting the taste of many new listeners.

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