18-years old singer-songwriter and producer Angelo David showcases his thriving electro-pop flair by revealing “B&W” and “Feelgood,” the first two singles in a collection of over 50 songs he began releasing this year.

Young and talented, Angelo David is an 18-year-old Boston-based electro-pop singer, songwriter, and producer who started writing songs at the age of 8.

He started in 2013 under the stage name Angy by releasing his first CD in physical format, “Mirror,” accompanied by music videos for “House Is Burning Down,” a song about bullying, for the introspective “Mirror,” and for “House is Burning Down,” which trended at #4 worldwide on YouTube as one of the most popular music videos on the web.

Moreover, Angelo began working with Britney Spears’ music director, Marc Delcore, who noticed his as a promising talent and offered him to produce “Heard it at Sunset,” a moving song about the Boston Marathon bombing. The song and video were released on the first anniversary of the attack, with all proceeds benefiting the Single Fund.

He has also performed his music at different venues, festivals, and shows in these years, while his previous works received various awards. “Heard it at Sunset” won the best music video at the Long Beach International Film Festival. “Mirror” won the best music video at the Indian Cine Film Festival in Mumbai, India. And his music video “Lonely” won Best Music Video at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

For Angelo, music is a platform for raising awareness of current problems affecting his personal growth experiences, delivering socially conscious songs about topics such as social inclusion, mental health awareness, and the acceptance of individuality.

Now, after a break from the limelight, Angelo is back under the spotlight. Having written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered an impressive collection of over 50 songs, he started to showcase the fruit of his new statement.

The first two works that David brings to the table are the two singles titled “B&W” and “Feelgood.” Fresh and engaging, with these two pieces, Angelo offers us a blend of energizing elements that are kinetically in a lush mix. Here Angelo proves capable of mastering maturity and creative intelligence, despite his young age.

There is a crisp and bright intelligibility in both songs, which dynamically holds the ear glued to the speaker. Simultaneously, the personal characterization that comes through his vocals further embellishes the sound spectrum’s richness.

Given these two debut productions’ acumen, it’s clear how Angelo David is growing up and flourishing as a rising talent that will continue to gain more and more attention on the scene. Yet with these two works, he proves to have a genuinely remarkable stylistic flexibility. Just listen to the organicity with which he manages to move from the edgy pop of “B&W” to the more EDM vein of “Feelgood”.

Yet this diversification is itself a characterization of what Angelo can do. That simplicity with which he is bridging over these two shores captures all our attention, intriguing us to see how far he will push his creativity and style with the next works.
Luckily it looks like we don’t have to wait that long, as Angelo announced to release his next work on November 13th. We can’t wait to listen to it.

In the meantime, listen now to “B&W” and “Feelgood,” Angelo David’s two singles, which are available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite via songwhip.com/angelodavid

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