A singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with an impeccable touch, deeply rooted in the contemporary, Andrew Maxwell Morris is a highly talented artist, who in the last 15 years has risen from the open mic nights of London, to write and release two EPs and two albums.

As well as performing at Glastonbury Festival for the past ten years, he has supported Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green and Marillion. And while his songs are regularly placed in TV shows and films around the world, Andrew is still here, giving us the passion, and the sensitive and exciting touch, of timeless music.

If artists like Bob Dylan, Ben Howard or Neil Young were on the rise in today’s scene, they would copy a lot from Andrew Maxwell Morris, because of the immense and unconditional passion that flows from his powerful and evocative music.

With a songwriting uniquely capable of warming your heart, Andrew renders in a new silhouette a musical delivery updated to modern times. The calls, related to an evergreen prose, are still all there, but the style with which this inspired artist elevates his creative vision, lights up streaks of passion like few others can do, then as today.

The unique vocal character, the easy-to-identify themes, and all the other connotative elements of his signature, are magnificently declined in the latest work from Andrew Maxwell Morris: the 9-track album ‘Save The Light’.

The result of 4 years of dedication aimed at creating an atmospheric work with an alternative acoustic taste, ‘Save The Light’ enhances Morris’ thoughtfulness, knowledge and ability to juggle a sensitivity that seems to be from another era: it is the fullness and depth that come from the pen of an artist who moves us and at the same time makes us vibrate with that positivity and those desires that accompany us every day.

Produced in part by Dave Meegan (Marillion, House of Love, U2) and self-produced by Andrew, who also performed almost all the instruments of the album, the songs that make up ‘Save The Light’ are thoughtful and impeccably made parentheses of life that highlight everything about Andrew’s songwriting talent.

“The ethos behind the album is space, time and light. I want to create spaces in my music which get the listener thinking and reflecting on our time here. The music is all about emotion and making the most of the light in our lives.”

So Andrew says about the backdrop for the album, then he continues: “I hope that this album touches the people that listen to it in the same way it did for me to write and record it. The 4-year writing and recording period enabled me to really make strong choices about what songs to put one the album. The aim is to slowly enter into the listeners subconscious and leave them wanting more.”

The creative empathy that Andrew gives us with ‘Save The Light’ is a very precious treasure: like a cherished Aladdin’s lamp, sealed with a unique patina, deposited thanks to the passage of time, now polished to a new shining radiance. And this, is a priceless treasure.

Listen now to ‘Save The Light’, the album from Andrew Maxwell Morris, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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