Currently based in Indonesia, twenty-six-year-old rock singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Amel D began her musical career in 2017 with the single “Sedih Sendiri”, followed in the subsequent years by an album with several singles.

Bullied in the past, and with a rather radical change of style behind her, Amel D is determined to bring out her new artistic vision in full prominence. Already projected towards 2020, the year in which her next album “Cross to Hell” is bound to be released, Amel D gives us an introduction to it with her most recent single, a song titled “I’m Your Rain”.

Released on December 16, “I’m Your Rain” is a number in which Amel D shows off her characteristic vocal timbre and her creative vein, perfectly dropped in the indie rock vibes that distinguish her new music.

In “I’m Your Rain” Amel D deals with the issue of long-distance relationships, and the emotional and sentimental difficulties that are often encountered when dealing with them.

Accompanied by an official lyric video available since a few days after the song release, “I’m Your Rain” has already exceeded 200,000 plays between Youtube and Soundcloud.

Amel D // "I'm Your Rain"
Amel D // "I'm Your Rain"

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