Amberlake is the exciting new project by guitarist and producer Nick Tsang, a moniker inspired by the Chinese take-away that Nick’s grandfather started when he first arrived in England.

After touring and working around the world with artists such as Busted, Ed Sheeran, The Ting Tings, and Charli XCX, amassing production and songwriting credits with artists such as Jess Glynne and Nina Nesbitt, now Tsang is focused on developing and carrying out his solo project Amberlake.

Now Amberlake is focused on creating an interesting and varied musical pamphlet that includes releasing new music every three weeks throughout 2020.

The latest work with which Tsang enriches his multicolored discography is the single ‘I Can Be Cool’ featuring talented singer KELLA. Co-written with Nina Nesbitt, previously on hold for release by pop artist Zara Larsson, this song is a bittersweet tender duet about how a person is willing to change who they are, to have a chance with someone.

The song, which has already attracted the attention of many listeners, was featured for eight weeks in the Spotify New Pop Revolution playlist.

A cotton embrace made of pop melodies painted over a serene electronic canvas, ‘I Can Be Cool’, is a fresh and pungent tune, like the early morning dew, moved by beat that transports us step by step, drop by drop, into an engaging juxtaposition.

The lovely duet of Amberlake and Kella is a tender game played as a significant reflection of a gentle contrast: the airy summer freshness offered by the song’s musicality over a romantic insecurity. One that may come when you realize that living a relationship can also mean taking risks and expose yourself.

These perspectives’ dualities and facets gain depth and breadth thanks to the wide and diversified range, blossom of that seed of heterogeneity and dynamism given by Kella and Amberlake voices.

The release of ‘I Can Be Cool’ is accompanied by the official video that you can find on Amberlake’s YouTube channel.

Featuring: … the most cutest dinosaur in the world … Unmissable!

WE SAY – a great song sounds good no matter how you play it
‘I Can Be Cool’ also shines in acoustic version!

Remotely filmed from London and LA, KELLA and Amberlake recorded an acoustic version of ‘I Can Be Cool’.

‘I Can Be Cool’ is an impeccable Pop number, here packaged in an impeccable livery.

Thanks to an easily readable narrative, pleasantly satisfying vocals, and handsomely harmonious melodies, this is a perfect daily soundtrack with which to accompany us today as tomorrow.

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