Amadante is an emerging pianist and songwriter who creates music with a strong and melodic pop rock style.

Through a colorful, passionate and radiant sound, Amadante offers intimate and confessional musical deliveries, making his way into the listener’s soul, becoming a familiar part of daily life.

Having started studying the piano as a child, Amadante then moved away from musical life for a long time. His passion for the piano re-emerged unexpectedly after purchasing an electronic keyboard for his son’s fourth birthday.

This is how Amadante rediscovered that spark that revived and rekindled his creative fire, leading him to go back to studying the piano and spontaneously creating new melodies and new songs.

In the wake of this artistic momentum, Amadante has published a series of melodies that emerged from the movement of his fingers on the piano, transformed into complete songs.

Among these we find ‘A Perfect Day’, a solar and uplifting single, in which we find all the creative positivity that guides Amadante as he writes his music. Perfect soundtrack to start our day, the song is enjoyable thanks to the simple and genuine way in which it conveys proactivity. It’s the kind of song we might hear on the radio, as we are about to face a day that promises to be the perfect one.

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Amadante // A Perfect Day - artwork
Amadante // A Perfect Day - artwork